Players building in other player's condos

Could use a separate friending system (Condo friends or something) aside from the normal tower friending. Granting players this will last only in the time you are checked in and could reset after you check out. Adding friends to this list allows them to build and remove in your condo however they please. Obviously, you wouldn’t do this with random people, so there isn’t much a risk of your condo being destroyed.


Great idea. It would be nice to have friends help build your house, as it would be not only fun, but you would get it done quicker! Again, great idea, @VladPootis.

This is something we’ve wanted to do for quite some time, it’s definitely something we’ll look into.


Friends will be able to build, ok.

But will they be able to noclip aswell?

I would definitely assume so since I don’t see why not.

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