Playermodels upgrades! Also wanna point out backer cosmetics

Time to consider implementing jigglebones for playermodels! Jigglebones for cosmetics!

I would also suggest fixing textures or models for some of the cosmetics are they are hollow from certain angles/beneath. Most of the Backer reqeusted items are floating even on default player models or hollow beneath like the sweden cap. I know it’s probably part of performance saving measures but sometimes it’s very visible the model is missing geometry/textures.

While jigglebones would be nice for stuff like clothes, hair, ears, tails, etc., I am not ready for the massive amount of anime models with boob jiggle.


I’m pretty sure that’s the exact reason why we don’t have Jiggle bones.


Cowardice. Face the jiggle head-on like a man!


This would be a nice addition to player models. Don’t know how much it would affect performance but would be cool to see models with long hair not look stiff.

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I honestly still believe this would be great thing to add. I don’t think not adding them for this specific reason is too justified. I can get Tower being a game for all ages but you could potentially hide the toggle for models with jigglebone support behind a content warning dialogs, same as is done with Condos, and potentially finally introduce a much needed age verification mechanism, where adding jigglebones support to the game would also finally be a great opportunity for this as well. Like, I get you guys want to keep the game an environment for all audiences, but do people really need to point out that you literally allow people for self-moderating the Condos and potentially hosting whatever they want, and the only time an action is taken is if something illegal is being hosted in a Condo? Kids are kids, they can and will without supervision ignore any content warnings at large. Not only are you making your game unsafe for the audience it is targeted towards currently, you are also heavily limiting any future interest for the game if you ever decide to market Tower Unite to a larger number of players after final release.

Seeing as the topic got necro’d, I just wanna rescind my prior statement and let you know that; I got better. I am ready now.

But on a more serious note, some form of age verification, and safety toggles for playermodels would be nice, and would go a long way to assuring player comfort and safety. Like, if you toggle it off and see something you don’t like, that’s on you. Play it safe if you need to. To each their own and so forth.


Jiggle boobs? No thanks :roll_eyes:


Are you reply your comment yourself? :sweat_smile:

I don’t really see a problem, if “boob jiggle” is something that could be moderated. Playermodels already get removed for being lewd/originating from lewd sources.

Could just make a rule addition like: “No inappropriate or lewd applications of model features such as jiggle bones” or something.


In case the reply arrow icon on forum doesn’t show up to someone (it does not to me for some reason), this is a response to GoopGoop’s comment on the thread: A game for all ages should mean including options for adults as well. I think a better solution would simply be age verification with means to hide things others don’t wanna see and more options for parental controls to protect their children. I myself have already stated ways something like opening up towards more mature and adult oriented age groups, themes and just people in general could be achieved. It’s a matter of approach but we should try to provide something for everyone. For your example rule I would also like to add that it would be better if something like this, at least per your example, would be better off being only prohibited in public spaces/areas of the game but not in private such as condos.

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We got jiggly glasses with eyes on spring and alien antenas.
I bet these would break on custom models like during period when alien had would have giant eyes in golf game xD Kind of miss that goofy period.

I also have to go with @Gurmble because I’m not ready for the Japanese anime jiggle boobs can of worms because of the massive amount of player models in the Workshop, most notably Lucoa, who is a “walking boob gag”.

bro that was the old me

also good lord what are you talking about

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The short answer is is because I’m bored. :yawning_face: