Playermodels upgrades! Also wanna point out backer cosmetics

Time to consider implementing jigglebones for playermodels! Jigglebones for cosmetics!

I would also suggest fixing textures or models for some of the cosmetics are they are hollow from certain angles/beneath. Most of the Backer reqeusted items are floating even on default player models or hollow beneath like the sweden cap. I know it’s probably part of performance saving measures but sometimes it’s very visible the model is missing geometry/textures.

While jigglebones would be nice for stuff like clothes, hair, ears, tails, etc., I am not ready for the massive amount of anime models with boob jiggle.


I’m pretty sure that’s the exact reason why we don’t have Jiggle bones.


Cowardice. Face the jiggle head-on like a man!

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This would be a nice addition to player models. Don’t know how much it would affect performance but would be cool to see models with long hair not look stiff.