Playermodels not importing properly

I’ve been having a lot of trouble making player models for Tower Unite the past year.

I’m using Blender 2.78c and I will import the model, scale it up to match the TU skeleton, adjust models original skeleton to match the TU T-pose, apply the armature so I can delete the old skeleton but keep the pose, I renamed the vertex groups to match the TU skeleton, tested it in pose mode and everything works fine so I import and get this:

The obvious solution is to go in object mode, select the model, and do CTRL+A and apply Rotation & Scale as well as press T to open the side panel and also apply Location as seen in this tutorial by Josh W -

However, this is the part that confuses me, once I import it gets much much worse:

I’ve been having this issue the past year with every player model I try to upload and the only solutions ive found is to scale my model up a ridiculous amount which worked in the case of this playermodel I did a while back:

(This is the direct .dae I uploaded to the editor)

(And in-game it’s perfect)

This model came out perfect in my opinion but it took about an hour after I actually finished rigging it before I got to upload it because I had to keep scaling it up and through trial and error things finally lined up properly.

I love making workshop content and uploading it but I’ve been extremely frustrated with this issue and have found little to no help at all online and it honestly feels like I’m the only one suffering from this issue.

Any help at all will be greatly appreciated.