Playermodel Shoulder Issue

So I’ve been testing the rig on various models and have run into an issue on some models.
For models with smaller distance between the shoulders things appear fine, such as here:

but on models closer to normal proportions I started to notice this weird issue with the shoulders/upper arms where they look as though they are pulled a bit from the body then bent:

Now this could just be due to the constraints of the rig currently or problems with weights (though I don’t think its weights because I’ve tried fixing it that way to no avail) but I’ve seen some other models that don’t have the same problem so I’m hoping I’m just doing something wrong.
However, the issue seems to be present even on Tower Unite’s placeholder model so I don’t know:

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You’ll have shoulder editing abilities in


That’s very good news, thanks!

Kyoka :eyes:

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Heheh yes, I will upload soon~

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