Player nametag stacking

In the casino, several players were at one table. Their names were all blended together like so.

Here’s a quick, clean mockup of an idea I had to fix situations like this.


Pretty logical idea. I like it and it makes sense, it’s one of those suggestions where you see it and ask yourself: “wait, why isn’t this in the game again?”

Also Zyko ^v^ has 213222BACKER42 ping


YES! Cannot stand the clutter it is now. And also how it can be next to impossible to trigger someone’s nametag to figure out who they are… I ran around the casino idk how many times looking for my friend who was AFK. Never found him.


Holding Q, will make the nametags of everyone nearby appear.

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Hmm never noticed. While that is a nice ‘workaround’ for now, I’d really like to see it implemented like OP worked up. Just so a keypress isn’t necessary.


The photo I took was taken while I was holding Q.