Player models for Planet Panic and other modes

Since the workshop update, I’ve found myself booting up the game less to exclusively play minigolf. I’m now more inclined to play game modes that incorporate player models. This was definitely a big part of the fun in Gmod Tower, and now it’s in Unite as well.

If/when Planet Panic gets reworked and updated, please consider ditching dogs vs cats and just make the teams color based with our player models piloting the vehicles.

You could even incorporate this into golf in an extremely non intrusive way by having a winners podium of the top 3 players posing at the end of the 18th hole at the post game scoreboard. Like holding out their decked out golf ball that you played with.

I dunno, I like the dogs vs cats aesthetic. It would be cool if you could use hats and accessories like in minigolf though!


can’t wait to infiltrate the cat team wearing my cat head as a dog


I like this idea. The accessories would add a nice touch. I think the player models in the saucers would be a mess lol. So many oversized player models clipping through. It’s kinda like people who go around as that car in ball race. Super annoying because you can’t even see where you’re going with their HUGE player model in the way.