Player model wont upload


I got the model to load into the game though when I try to upload it it says it failed and shows this screen.

Then when I press the retry button it says it uploaded and shows a workshop page. Now I press download from the workshop to use it, but it will never download. I then checked the space on the workshop and it shows 0B so I guess it never even uploaded.

Thank you for your time.


Quick question, are you using SteamPlay on Linux?
I was getting the same errors last night on it which seems to be a bug with SteamPlay’s connection for now, which is probably a Valve thing to sort out.
Otherwise it’s more than likely a steam connectivity issue.


No I am not using Linux. I am on windows and I am running the game in DirectX 11.


Turns out I needed to be on the steam account that owned the game. I was in my PurpleTeam trying to upload it when I should have been in my BlueTeam account. So I guess Ill fix it by buying a second copy of the game.