Player model suggestions

I was playing for the first time today and I noticed you have no Anthro animal playermodels, Now I’m not asking about the very lewd Krystal model ,but something to fill in the gap for people who don’t want to be human elf or whatver and would rather be an anthro animal. So i just wanted to ask is it possible to add Anthro animal player models or maybe even the Eeveelution qudrapedal playermodels in the future?

They already said that they won’t support fandoms, but you’ll probably find them into the workshop when the game will release

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+1. You’ll find plenty of furry models.

yet they have star wars doom and other models. There are people who won’t play because they dev team refuses to add anthro models…

As a result, moved to the Workshop Suggestions thread.

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I guarantee that workshop will have plenty of playermodels for all sorts of fandoms

Because furries tend to be… undesirable, what with their roleplaying and yiffing.
Star Wars fans typically aren’t so.

Besides, Tower Unite will have workshop, so you’ll probably find a furry server to fill all of your anthropomorphic desires.

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Not to mention, the Star Wars fandom is typically more inclusive.

They legally can’t do that in Tower Unite. It’s just for GMT which they’ve halted development on.


We’re not going to add any fandom related stuff.

Workshop support will fill in the gaps for that.

When the actual game drops there won’t be any fandom related models stock. Be it star wars, furry, or whatever other out there. That stuff will be all be up to the workshop. I’m sure everything imaginable will be there within a few months.