Player Model: Gloria (Madagascar)

Gloria the Hippopotame from Dreamworks’ Madagascar

I made a new reply down below.

Epic suggestion

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Only if we can get Moto Moto as well


Someone made the enhanced version of her, here’s the link to the model.

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Man, it’s been two years since I suggesting a player model of Gloria the Hippo :hippopotamus: from Madagascar.

The old version is outdated, now someone made an enhanced model with better texture and model.

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It’s been 58 days since I posted for the (enhanced) Gloria Hippo model from DreamWorks’ Madagascar.

That fact that it’s been over 2 years now should really tell you something. Just saying.

It’s been not long enough before I saw another one of these stupid cursed posts of yours.

God man I hate to sound like a dick but you just radiate cursed energy.

you need to understand that you can’t always get everything you wished for, not even in instant.

if no one here can’t do it, ask somehwere else you think they can do it (unless you can pay them.)

Sorry guys. I was about to delete this post because of the whole cursed image or requesting a 3D model for the game without paying.

To the admins: feel free to delete this post if this request is rather useless.

Can u make scrat and buck from ice age

I did it. Steam Workshop::Gloria from Madagascar.

and the textures? :{