Player model 0MB file size

I have a player model I have worked on for a while and it is ready to be put in the game. it is 34MB and just under 30,000 vertices and less than 10 textures. When it gives me the option to upload, I go through all the steps (title, description,tags etc) but when I press the upload button It comes up with “generic steam failure” then I press retry and it says it was uploaded to workshop. When I go to the page it says it has 0MB file size and when I load it up ingame it just comes up with nothing. I have tried doing this several times and it has given me the same result. Please anyone help.

This happened to me when I was trying to upload my playermodel yesterday. I kept getting the same error, and the few times that it would actually upload, it uploaded showing 0b (it’s 2mb) and wouldn’t be usable.

I just kept trying and it eventually went through successfully and showed it as 2mb. Not sure honestly what caused it to work, maybe the Steam servers are a bit finicky? I’ve also heard that Tuesday is typically a maintenance day for Steam.
I did try restarting the game and verrifying game files every few tries, so that might have helped. So yeah I guess just keep trying?

Edit: Actually is 34mb within the playermodel filesize limits? I don’t remember what the limit is, trying to find out rn.
Edit: It’s 40mb according to the discord server, so you should be fine on file size.

I have this same issue, nothing I’m trying is working. Has a concrete solution been found yet?