Player collision?

I think this’d be a small but good feature.

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Bad idea

People are trolls, and it’s possible that some of them would form a group and block the entrance/exit to something


That does make sense. Thanks for responding :smile:

I don’t think this would be a good idea. In a big social game like GMod Tower people need to be able to get around, and with upwards of 50 people on the server people could have trouble getting around each other. Think of a doorway like the Gameworlds doors, a lot of people are going to go there but if they are all going at the same time it’ll take longer because everyone is bumping into each other. Plus people are idle while loading; have you ever looked at the transit station and see a bundle of people within each other? If player collision is turned on they won’t be able to just walk out of the group, they’ll literally get stuck in each other and won’t be able to move.

Player collision is more appropriate in team based shooters like Counter-Strike where it’s used for boosting, knife connection, and realism. In games like GMod Tower it’s bound to become a nuisance.


I agree with player collision.

Not having it makes it feel very buggy, not grounded if you will.

How so?

When you are able to run through people, you effectively feel like a ghost, a bit floaty. I like that bit of realism. When I’m walking or whatever, I like to feel the same bit of weight that you would as a person, and realistically you can’t walk through other people. It’s the same reason we can’t walk through walls or furniture.

I just don’t see the likelihood of as much griefing as you expect. It can easily be dealt with through moderation tools so there’s no need to rip out a piece of programming for it.

Just make it an option when hosting a server.
Default off, can be turned on.


I think everybody would be happy with this option.

There actually is player collision in the alpha. Just a matter of whether it stays or not.

Player collision will be default off, but also will be a setting for hosts.


If people are coming from Garry’s Mod, then the trolling would kill me.