Played on two accounts, about the Lobby 1 plate


I have to make some explanations here before asking my question:

I spent a lot of time on GMT with two differents accounts:

The first one was with my brother’s account Ruka [fr](+900 hours ; has moved from Lobby 1 to Lobby 2)

He didn’t know I was using his account to play GMT :still_ashamed:
So he changed his password as soon as he found out.

Therefore, I made an account on my own, being AshGe (+250 hours )

My question is:

Can one of the developer get me the Lobby 1 plate on my own account, as I used to wander across the old map myself, my brother not being interested in GMT.

I planned on getting Tower Unite, and I really want that farewell plate to be placed in my future condo.

In advance, thank you.

Cordially yours.

Hey, same for me. When I got into steam gaming me and my brothers shared a steam account and now I have my own which I haven’t played lobby 1 on. Would like to have the plaque as well. (I actually played more GMT on my current account even though I only started about 2-3 weeks ago)

Another question on the way, will the plate even be transferred to TU?


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bump want to know about this too since i;m in the same dilemma :frowning:

i can prove that i own both accounts if your wondering

I guess the devs are probabably to busy right now and I don’t blame them so I hope they can still help us after the game has launched.

WE CAN ONLY HOPE! :innocent:

and i can only hope about my legacy donor.

What do you mean by that?

nvm now i was worried that i wasnt getting it but its all sorted now

i contacted matt and he said they can’t do it

aw… ok
Well, I’ll build a bigger Lobby 1 miniature replica in my future condo, then…

That’s sad. Also I don’t really understand because I contacted Mac once because I wondered if my profile could be transfered and he said ‘not easily’. I didn’t waste his time because it didn’t seem worth it wasting his time for the little stuff I had. I forgot about the plaque though.

I asked if they could just give me the plate on the account i play and if i transfer on tower unite it should be there but they said they can’t do that

You asked for just the plate though. Maybe it’s that that they can’t do because they can’t edit those files or something. I have seen people asking for full transfers though. I’d be willing to transfer my whole account for a plaque. :smiley:

EDIT: I’m going to ask mac later since he’s sleeping and he deserves a good rest.