Play youtube playlist in condo on media players

Hello all,

It would be really nice if in you condo the owner (and maybe also other players) can queue up full Youtube playlists on a media player. I did notice that there was also an older topic for this suggestion already but as it had no vote in it and the topic is inactive, I went ahead with this topic.

Youtube playlists on media players (in condo only)

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  • No
  • Yes, can only be added by owner.
  • Yes, can be added by all players.

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What if it has to be approved by the condo owner.

Me and a friend were watching a playlist that had about 20 videos in it, and we both had to add each video one after one, and when we were done adding them, we had missed the first video in its entirety.

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I queued up a whole playlist of short movies in the theater in the lobby once, but it took me quite a while since I had to add every video separately… I think in your own condo this could be done easier by just accepting the whole playlist at once.

Bumping this because I need this for my condo art gallery