Planet Panic Suggestions

  1. Some sort of cool-down period for the gun, like an overheat meter or something. There needs to be some sort of incentive to NOT just hold down the fire button the entire game.

  2. This is probably a glitch, but the little balls should NOT be affected by projectiles. They’ll just bounce all over the place and be harder to pick up then they already are, and possibly even leave the map entirely. This one is especially important because the mini-animals in the bases are affected as well, so simply shooting them out of the capture area is way more effective then picking them up.

  3. Sort of touched on it earlier, but picking up the resources is a pain. Unless they are designed this way, perhaps they should be sucked into your UFO within a certain range.

  4. Perhaps some sort of section of the HUD that shows who’s alive on the teams? Similar to what Splatoon has.

  5. Having the models change facial expression is an awesome touch, but it would be way more awesome if we could actually, you know, see their faces. The UFO controls obscures the majority of the models. Perhaps shrink/lower the controls or raise the animal models a bit higher? Or do what F-ZERO GX does with it’s leading racers and show every player’s facial expression in the HUD section proposed above.


Wait, is planet panic out now? I played earlier today and it wasn’t

I’d also suggest some sort of jump meter that you can charge up so you can jump over some walls. You’re in a UFO, so why not take advantage of how high it can go?

Also: maybe suggest having powerups in the map (or at least as a mutator)?


Yes, it is! Update to the latest Weekly build or watch today’s stream. Despite my criticisms it’s pretty dope.

That’s weird. I just updated to the newest build but its not playable for me

I’m quoting this in the new thread: Planet Panic Feedback Thread

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Its available under “Development Servers”

How about:
You can throw the resources to your teammate and enemies can try to catch them midway (basketball style)

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Thanks but I already figured it out last night.

I posted that comment last night.

Yeah, I see that but you posted it an hour after I figured it out from Zak in another thread.

I just though about something, How about making a mother-ship as spawn points, some kind of giant cat/dog spaceship where the players appear then fall down on the map by the sides of the ship instead of appearing near the dropping spot (just to fit with the lore logic, it’s better to bring all resources to their mother-ship before the planet explode)

also, making the resources spread all around the map or at some more spots instead of just the middle, if you planned to make more maps and as in, maybe bigger maps, it would make the player explore a little more the said maps