Planet Panic suggestions (NOT A MEGATHREAD)

I feel like we could float down faster, it’s very hard to steal orbs. Also, guns seem to shoot in the wrong direction for some reason, but it’s just chaos anyway, so it’s not a big deal.

I would also like to propose a class system.

The Speedster:

1.5x normal speed
weighs less, so floats down slower
has a gun that shoots 3 balls to the sides of each other, but a much slower firing rate.
Aimed at stealing orbs.

The Tank:
0.75x normal speed
Weighs the most, floats down fastest.
Has a gun with a much increased rate of fire, but identical firing pattern to the norm
Aimed at defence.

The Acrobat

Normal speed
Normal weight
Ability to float upwards for a period of time
Perhaps, rather than being able to shoot in the air, he floats upwards by shooting out of the bottom of the ship, so can’t shoot normally. Think Cherry Darling style, but more akin to the Broforce one. :slight_smile:

Aimed at offense, but mostly kills, not stealing.

And finally, the Gun Master

When he shoots, he shoots out bullets in all 4 directions.
Normal speed
1.25x normal weight
Is unable to aim any of the 4 cannons on his UFO, he instead has to turn.

Aimed at general chaos! Go nuts!

And as per my first suggestion, normal weight should be increased slightly.

Also, these skins could totally change the appearance of the ship and character. I imagine a Husky as the gun master, with a comical yet angry face, and a poodle or labrador as the Acrobat


Looks like mutators, right ? :yum:


I feel like it would be more chaotic if we didn’t have a class system, and instead made those “classes” as pickups that were scattered around the map. That way the game becomes more dynamic and interesting than “pick a class, we’re TF2”


No, I feel classes should be in by default, as should slightly faster falling. Of course, mutators adding and removing classes, as well as changing gravity or weight, sounds cool.

I’m personally on board with your idea here. Mind if I edit that in with credit?

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Eh, I feel like classes should just be chosen, maybe only give the option at the beginning of the round and then be forced to play with that one class for the rest of the game. Doesn’t sound that well, but it’s one possible thing.

I should get a chance to play this gamemode for once in my life. There are never any PP matches in the server browser. I once managed to get some lobby players to join my queue, however the host’s pc crashed. When will anyone let me play PP?

Even when you manage to get a game going, one side starts getting owned and ragequits every time. No joke, every time I have played PP the other team leaves and I am left twiddling my thumbs.

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honestly I feel like mutators / a class system would be unnecessary complications to an already ignored game mode. that being said, it would be nice to float down a little faster.

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The gamemode is ignored because it’s very unfinished and needs some work. A classes thing should actually get more people to play this.

Game does not need to be complicated. If spawns and combat was improved, most of the game would be good.

I heard every round they will scramble the teams. (update