[Planet Panic] Powerup and Gameplay Suggestions

As Planet Panic slowly and eventually grows closer with each passing day. I thought it’d be neat to make a few of my ideas into an open suggestion since I suppose even if it helps a tiny bit, it wasn’t a waste of time! So without haste, my suggestions.

This is a rather minor suggestion, as the clusterfuck of team vs team this can make it virtually impossible to dodge incoming attacks. Making it so shots fizzle after the first bounce or even on the first collision by default would prevent this, rewarding careful aim and prediction.

From what I’ve seen of the never released map of dog fort vs cat fort, I think it’d be neat for more focus being on building vs building as focusing on a healthy mix between being defensive with interesting defensive design, as well as infiltrating to successfully steal from an enemy being really interesting from a gameplay perspective.

These would allow for multiple advantage points as well as the chance for bigger and wilder maps, these however don’t ALWAYS spawn orbs for collection as the map rotates between which capture point is currently spawning them during match. Obviously there will be a limit on how many will be spawned all together, forcing the losing team to be offensive and making for some last minute intense matches.

So obviously the main focus on the game is collecting orbs to bring back to your base to convert them to your team. The very start of every match is very clusterfucky with very little strategy, so here’s what I suggest. At the very start of the match teams are unfrozen and allowed to PvP, after 10 seconds of match start the game announces which capture point has started spawning orbs, in which players will rush to said capture point to collect the limited number of orbs to return to their base.

Simple suggestion, upon death players will drop one single orb/dog/cat. So killing enemies suiciding for orbs or enemy base isn’t entirely unrewarding.


  • Visually remove converted orbs from piling up in base point, this can help with optimisation. (Vanish upon entering, sucking them out spawns one by one quickly whilst removing total from enemy)
  • Highlight enemy base/ally base/capture points/current orb spawning capture point with coloured visual pointers.
  • Show powerup icon a player is holding above them and on leaderboard.

RICOCHET: As the name suggests this powerup temporarily makes your shots bouncy, ricocheting off walls, the floor numerous times before dissipating. This however would mean the current ‘all shots bounce’ would need to be changed to either shots only bounce once or phase out the moment it hits something.
GAMEPLAY USES: Harassing the enemy safely.

JETSPIKE: Activate to lunge straight-forward at high speed, unsheathing a large spike that deals heavy damage and knockback to enemies, as well as piercing those struck. Return to normal shortly afterwards or by colliding with geometry.
GAMEPLAY USES: Chase down running players, pierce through ice wall powerup,

INVISIBILITY: Activating temporarily cloaks the user, however only fully cloaks the user when freezing in place. Moving partially reduces the cloak and makes the user slightly visible.
GAMEPLAY USES: Ambushing, infiltrating enemy base.

ICE WALL: Two large towering cubes rise from the ground, blocking projectiles and preventing enemies and unfortunately allies from passing. The cubes melt over time, slowly sinking back into the ground. The ice wall can however be broken by enemies and allies firing at it, has a decent health pool so takes a little bit of time to destroy.
GAMEPLAY USES: Cover in open areas, block off points of entry temporarily for clutch wins, trap enemies.

HASTE: Temporarily increases fire rate dramatically for the user.
GAMEPLAY USES: Taking out many enemies alone, holding an area.

ATTRACT: Temporarily makes orbs in an area gravitate towards you.
GAMEPLAY USES: Aiding in collection, dragging orbs whilst maxed out on orbs.

SPRING JUMP: One-use but launches the user high into the air in the direction they’re moving.
GAMEPLAY USES: Positioning for advantage, shortcuts, avoiding projectiles.

STORM: Cats and dogs hate getting wet, upon activation a storm brews above the user. Moving in the direction it was fired in as it rains down upon the level. Enemies and even allies caught in the rain are slowed down. Eventually dissipates after some time.
GAMEPLAY USES: Assistance in infiltration or orb collection, harassing the enemy.

PRECISION: Projectile speed is dramatically increased temporarily.
GAMEPLAY USES: Long-range cover, assist in distant firefights safely, kill those running with orbs.

HEALING AURA: Surrounds the user on use with a healing aura that steadily but slowly heals self and those around them.
GAMEPLAY USES: Assist in firefights, aid those on low health.

And that concludes my rather large Planet Panic suggestion!
I apologise in advance for the crappy images, thought it’d be easier to represent an idea with some visual aid.
I love Planet Panic’s artstyle and the potential for a really intense team vs team gameworld is there, and hopefully whatever comes to fruition captures that beautifully.
Truly though, let us MAKE PLANET PANIC GREAT AGAIN!! Thank you for reading. :heart_decoration:

I don’t necessarily want everything here, but dammit this post is so well presented that I can’t not vote for it.



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make planet panic great again


These are some really good suggestions, voted.


Well made thread ;3

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Great thread btw, I’d like to say that some things in here remind me of the game FlusterCluck.

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Thanks to everyone who voted and commented, was nice to see such a large amount of people voting for something I thought would be unpopular.

So thank you again. :two_hearts:

I currently feel like planet panic has nothing really going for it - There’s no main gimmick, which you want to play the game mode for.

I really like the powerups you mentioned and personally I would love to see way more of them.

Maybe planet panic could be ‘that game with the crazy, many powerups where you never know what you’re going to get next’ - I’d definitely be up for playing that!