Planet Panic achievement

I don’t have the game myself but I noticed in some guys’ video that the Planet Panic map has this river around the map. If I’m right this river would be used as a boundary later on. If you would go over the water you would sink just like Marty did in Back to the future with his hover board so I thought that would be a fun reference to put in the game.

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But he didn’t actually sink in the movie… he just couldn’t move anywhere.

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maybe he did sink and he went back to the past to save himself

Some guys video

u wot

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Lol not a guys video… Read it again.

Zeeno needs to be fed on his ego, please make him feel special :smirk:

Exactly. Like geezzz

Haha, I’m 100% sure it wasn’t Zeeno’s video. Sorry bro, I still love your unite videos more than any others.