Placing already caught fish/adopted animals into condo pools/oceans

For example you just want to play with your orca but instead of an aquarium, you have it in your own swimming pool or the ocean surrounding your condo. and if there was an edit menu there would be an invisible scale box with X, Y, Z amounts to determine how far and wide it can swim within the box so it doesn’t like clip through walls or fly around.

Big fan of the swimming area box idea

My Highrise Condo has a Manta Ray I caught inside the pool, but because there’s no parameters for what is and isn’t swimmable area it just bobs up and down in place. This addition would be great because it would allow my boy to swim around in the pool.

Now that we’ve seen a glimpse of the underwater animals in the new Animal Crossing game I’d really love for a way to get those kind of animations in Tower Unite. Right now the bobbing/occasional swimming forward looks off to me.