Placeable Text Signs for Condo

I’d love to see a placable condo item for editable text, similar to the 0 - 9 number sign item. It would be way less work on visitors to render some small text information as opposed to a canvas with a custom sign image on it.

Currently, my large Underwater condo has to rely on nothing but canvases for it’s titles and directional signs, and uhhhh… this doesn’t even include other types of canvases lol.
(Granted only ~1/3 of these are text-only signs, but that’d still be over 40-50 signs I could replace to reduce visitor load times!)

A few fun variations might be:

  • 3d sign (like the number sign)
  • Possible font variations for the 3d sign
  • Floating 2d text (Legacy Text hat / npc title, but with more size customization)
  • Neon signs
  • Placards and info-cards (Museums and galleries)
  • Will add more as I think of them!

Apologies if this was already suggested, I couldn’t find a thread for it yet on the search.