Pixeltail has a new (unofficial) home on Reddit

I was browsing the Steam discussions yesterday, when I saw that someone had created a Pixeltail subreddit. The Tower Unite sub isn’t overly active and the mods are basically dead, so this guy decided to make a new sub (with a custom theme and all). I just figured I’d post it here for anyone who uses Reddit. There’s only a few of us on it so far, since it was just created yesterday but so far, it potentially could be even better than the Tower sub.


Just curious, why do we have a TU sub if we have this forum?


Because reddit



To be fair, the forum community represents only a small fraction of the game’s total population, and “normal” people would rather visit a subreddit (with all the interesting post being sorted and shown to them based on popularity) than an entirely separate site you have to visit and browse on its own.


So, I guess it’s a good thing that I posted this here. @Vulture_Socks (who was the mod on the tower unite sub) has given his position to the guy that started the pixeltail sub. So now the tower unite sub is back to being the main tower unite related sub. I won’t bother changing the link in the op since there’s a link to the TU sub in the pixeltail sub