[Pixeltail Community] Tower Unite Idlescreen - Christmas 2020

Ho ho ho everyone! It’s your favourite festive footwear, Socks, from the Pixeltail Community!

Just thought we’d bring a little Christmas cheer to the forums, and along with it, some nostalgia!

@Leviathan has finished the first Tower Unite Idlescreen Christmas Edition! Featuring some merry music, a beautiful animated background, and some photo snaps from around the Tower!

Enjoy it here:

Everyone here at The Pixeltail Games Community wishes all of you a safe and wonderful holiday, we’re extremely grateful for the love and encouragement we’ve all received in our new endeavour, and we hope to bring you more exciting content throughout 2021!

To the developers, thank you for your dedication to a game that brings so many people together. The weight and significance of the passion you put into developing your game is not lost on any of us, and we’re all grateful for the love you put into this community. Here’s to a rip-roaring 2021!

See you next year!


This is really well made, nice job!


Thank you so much, it means a lot!


Impressive, I like it and it looks well made. Good work!

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