PIXEL ISLAND: Game Show Competition


Looking for players for a brand new competition based game show, Pixel Island. Stay in the house just like a reality TV dating show, compete in the intense 3-part competition and become the winning couple. Viewers are welcome!

Will need 6-12 players. Game will run at least 45 minutes.
Starts this Saturday, July 6th at 5pm MST.

OPEN HOUSE all week, come take a look around and register to play.
You can also join the discord server for game schedules and information.
Scan the QR code to join the discord server.
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The Games:

Game #1: Chemistry Wheel
Compete in teams of 2 to see which pair has the most chemistry, a fast paced wheel spinning trivia game that helps you get to know your fellow players.

Game #2: Communication Maze
Work together in pairs to communicate your way through a maze and code cracking challenge, it’s a race so the most efficient communicators are sure to win!

Game #3: Compatibility Quest
Work with your partner to make your way around this life sized board game competition, make it to the finish the fastest! Being compatible with your partner will help you win this one!

The game will conclude with a VOTE, where both players and viewers can vote for the couple they believe played best and are most compatible!

Will you be the winner?

Disclaimer: no actual dating is required.


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