Pixel Art Pictionary Condo

Pixel Art Pictionary in Tower Unite!
Host this workshop map to draw or play Pictionary with friends!

Workshop Post:

How to Play:

  1. Enter the Pictionary Lobby from the first floor of the house.
  2. One player enter the teleporter to the drawing area.
  3. Choose something to draw. If you can’t think of anything, use the prompt button in the drawing area to generate ideas. Just remember to keep it a secret!
  4. Using any ranged weapons, shoot the board to draw!
  5. Other players must try to guess what the drawing is.
  6. Whoever guesses correctly first draws next!

Planned Updates

  • Add more colors (ROYGBV + Brown and Grey if possible)
  • Fill some of the rooms in the house with more stuff
  • Add more prompts
  • Add more music options
  • Add featured player artwork!

How to Submit Art
Reply to this post with a screenshot of your drawing along with a title and name you want to be displayed.

  • Max of 3 per player
  • Art must be drawn using this condo’s Pictionary Board
  • Keep Tower Unite rules & guidelines in mind

Here is an example of an artwork submission:

Megumin - Froggy Chair

Megumin - Surprised Pikachu

Megumin - Rave Bird


yoo i heard about this, good to see it done!

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