Pity Timer

After my last suggestion was poorly received, I’d like to make another for the Casino: Pity Timers

What is a Pity Timer?
I got the idea from the online TCG ‘Hearthstone’. In that game, you open card packs to get more cards you can put into a deck. Opening a card pack will award you with 5 random cards of different quality (Common, Rare, Epic) but there is also the chance to get a very rare Legendary card. Since it’s based on luck whether you get a Legendary or not, the game developers added in a Pity Timer that guarantees you to open a Legendary every 50 packs. Basically, if you never opened a Legendary in 49 card packs, you will definitely get one on your next. If you manage to open one before your Pity Timer reaches 0, it will reset back to 50.

Stop talking about card games, how does this relate to Tower Unite?
I’ve seen a lot of rage about the Casino and especially jackpots in the past days. It’s true, the jackpot on wheel of money is near unwinnable and I sat on the same Triple Diamonds machine for 13 hours before getting the jackpot while others just sit there for 20 minutes and gain 2 million units.

My suggestion: A pity timer for jackpots that automatically increases your chances to win after a certain amount of spins. I’m talking about a ~10% increase every 1000 spins for Triple Diamonds, maybe 500 wheel spins for Wheel of Money and so on. The exact numbers don’t matter right now, it’s up to the devs. The pity timer would be bound to the player and not the slot machine, but counts individually for every slot machine.


A smart idea when you think about it since the chance of a jackpot on the wheel of money is around 0.0005 (mathematically speaking).

This idea sorta ruins the purpose of gambling and comes more in favor to the player, there shouldn’t be an increasing “pity” chance the more you play because that isn’t really fitting, it should always be based on luck, not in an increasing chance because you kept rolling tons.


Gambling is about luck. Don’t want to risk your money? Don’t gamble.


That’s just how things roll in a casino. You shouldn’t just be able to expect “Well I’m gonna go to the casino and sit down for about 60 minutes and win my jackpot for the day.”

Plus if there was a pity timer for whatever reason, it would be somewhere in the 6-12 hours range.


A Pity Timer would be a very good thing, so the casino is actually worth visiting. Maybe make it about 6 or 7 hours? Not too low so the aspect of gambling is not ruined, but not too high so the timer is basically redundant. I never heard someone in GMT take half a day or more to get the jackpot.

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Totally disagree. The casino is already worth visiting; that’s why almost every single player spends the entirety of their time there.

Casino = gambling, not a guaranteed payout after a certain amount of time. If you want a guaranteed payout, go play gamemodes. You don’t lose a hundred rounds of poker and then the dealer goes “aw i feel bad for you, here’s a straight flush”.

I wish there was a way to downvote suggestions.

You could always not upvote them.

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Yeah but then that’s the equivalent of me just having not read the suggestion. I’d like an active way to say “fuck that shit”. :yum:

Editing to say: Apparently the new downvote is simply flagging a post even though it doesn’t break any community guidelines or rules.


Well, then you can just post that you disagree? Bad suggestions are visible by having little to no upvotes, so that is alright.