Pine Valley Track 2 Update (

Pine Valley Track 2

Track 2 of Pine Valley is now ready to play! We’ve also balanced Accelerate gameplay in this update.

Keep your eyes peeled when you hit the road on Pine Valley’s second track. In this new addition to our forested raceway, rocky roads lead to sharp turns and ramps where timing is everything! A scenic river runs through the whole track with water from the many waterfalls that flow over the cliffsides.

Addressing Workshop Crashes

In this update we focused on crashes relating to Workshop player models. There were a few crashes that started to crop up relating to various user generated content.

Halloween 2020 Events End November 16th

We’ll be concluding our Halloween 2020 events very soon! Make sure you grab as many Ghoul Coins as you can before the event ends!


  • Accelerate: Pine Valley Track 2
  • Condo: Added fish support to the Resort suite aquariums
  • Accelerate: Sun item will no longer be given to players if a sun item was just recently used
  • Accelerate: Reduced “hurry up” timer to 30 seconds (was 60 seconds)
  • Accelerate: Players who aren’t racing no longer get items
  • Little Crusaders: Added use prompts to pickups and Birb
  • Media player UI now has an updated look

Bug Fixes

  • Several crash fixes for Workshop
  • Resolved issues relating to game timers being desynced
  • Adjusted Ball Race/Minigolf platform synchronization rate to reduce jitters
  • Fixed crash related to loading workshop items in the workshop editor
  • Fixed game world menu for 4:3 resolution. Now when it’s in that aspect mode, it’ll automatically hide the server list on the right and add a find server button so everything can fit
  • Made lots of little spacing adjustments for 4:3 resolutions
  • Adjusted scaling of create map list to fit for 4:3 resolutions
  • Fixed leaving Songbirds or Toy Stop leading to a soft lock
  • Fixed some big flat fish from getting stuck inside small pools
  • Fixed the fish drag slot in the Highrise pool not working
  • Fixed issues with purchases failing often in the Ghoulcery store
  • Accelerate: Fixed speed effects displaying after finishing a race
  • Accelerate: Fixed empty items in your inventory after finishing a race
  • Virus: Fixed TNT being able to kill survivors in some cases
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed an exploit

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Hype! Time to try out the new track :sunglasses:

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