Pimp my PC

So it’s been awhile with my current pc and I want to upgrade it. Aside from the obvious graphics card which is worse for wear, I wanna know what a few of you think. Thanks in advance for any help!

you should upgrade your mobo and cpu

G-Card is meh.
CPU needs upgrading asap
MB needs upgrading asap
RAM is K

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Graphics Card is still kinda okay-ish I guess, but yeah upgrade your CPU and Motherboard as soon as possible, they seem to be really outdated. In my view however you should also upgrade your GPU, probably to a GTX 680 or 760.

What motherboard and gpu do you guys recommend? It’s a Dell Studio xps 1800 btw. And thank you guys so much! :joy_cat:

For a cheap (ish) build:

CPU - i5-4460
GPU - 750Ti
MB - What ever would be able to fit the CPU’s chipset (but not too cheap)

Some warning though. Getting a new MB means you need to re-get/buy windows

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Unless he lives in the US, he doesn’t need to buy Windows again. Using the key you have should work with your new motherboard. I know that there’s that hardware lock based on your motherboard when activating windows, so windows keys can’t be used on different PCs. That restriction only seems to apply to the US, I could use my pretty old windows copy on my new PC.

Well then… guess I spent £80 for no reason then… Unless its different for the UK which it most likely is

I live in England, I can reinstall different copies of Windows 7 and 8 that i own using the keys I have, as many times as I want. We’re not restricted here.

Welp… Didn’t work when I did it. And I did try 8 different times. Oh well that was like a year ago.