Picture of a chair


picture of a chair


I have a hunch that this chair belonged to the Office Chair Man from that forum game that was once popular here. If this is true, that must mean he died and this is his chair being thrown away.


It seems upset


We may need to drive it away to get counseling, whether it wants to go or not.


Yeah, it probably has some deep seated fears that it needs help coping with.


nice pic (of a chair)


man this chai® is cool by the way


nice pickaxe for a chair


He Now has to sit in this chair.



Unedited Footage of a Chair.


We stand at the border of a tiled concrete walkway right next to grass with a spot of snow. The walkway is cut off by the tarmac street it faces. Street and walkway are separated by a thin puddle of water of unknown length and persistence as it stretches the border of the street which is below walkway level, not completely visible to the viewer. It reflects what lies high behind the framed area. On the other side of the street, the viewer cannot see clearly if there’s any grass for it’s completely covered in snow. At the top center, another path of tarmac enters the frame and continues to the right, in parallel to the street, optically only separated from the street by a wet stretch colored brighter by light reflection. The focus of the motive lies in the top left of the center, where a black office chair with five chair legs on wheels stands between walkway and street, facing the latter.

Theeee sighs artist points out abnormality in this possibly metaphorical situation. An office chair doesn’t belong outside, it’s supposed to stand in an office room. It might represent a human being leaving their comfort zone as the chair represents the comfy opportunity to sit down and do things that people do when they sit in office chairs. But they don’t do it outside, they do it in an office. Three legs of the chair remain on the walkway, a place for people to be while two stand on the street, in the puddle of water even. The individual can’t yet decide if they’re going to take the one step that would finally take them out of their comfort zone. The reflection in the water cleverly foreshadows what one can expect there but not directly see. The framed motive appears tilted, the chair might lose grip and roll off downhill to the right. In this still image we cannot be sure if that’s the case, it might represent how the opportunity of stepping outside one’s comfort zone comes with risk. The chair faces the uphill left, showing that the individual is focused on the higher terrain ahead, being aware of the difficulty ahead, ready to face the challenge.


Yes I agree, very chair!


nice chair


Okay, this is chair.


we must chairish this chair