Pics from an analogue SLR (Canon EOS 66)

For those of you who never used an old SLR here’s how it looks like when you take some photos with it (I didn’t apply any filters. That’s just how the lab send them to me:

I took these pics over the past year (mid 2015 until mid 2016). That’s why there are pics from summer mixed with pics from winter.
Unfortunately the film I used had an ISO of 400! That’s why all the pictures are so noisy. If the film had an ISO of 200 or 100 it wouldn’t be that extreme. The weird colour scheme might also be caused by the low ISO as that particular lab doesn’t usually create such extreme colour tints.

My camera (a Canon EOS 66) is relatively new, as it was released in 2002. It has very convenient features such as a 3 point auto-focus, motive presets, automatic exposure and shutter time. Hence it’s quite easy to use.


Nice, i especially love the mouse one

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Thanks! That’s my Logitech Proteus Core G502.

I love these. I actually think that the noise contributes to the images, I like the feel it gives to them.

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Rest in piece, hard drive.

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Nah it’s fine. That old Samsung drive was manufactured in 2002 and was able to store 80GBs of data.

I’m with EvKem. The slight noise gives the images character - Might have to put one of these up in my condo too.