Pick your own class setup for the NEW TU Virus?

It would be cool if there was a gun shop outside the virus port on TU to pick your own gun setup. Kind of like how PvP is on GMod Tower? What you guys think?

I prefer the randomized sets rather than letting people choose what guns to decimate the infected with.
Sometimes the humans get good sets and wreck shop, but that’s just the luck of the draw.
If everyone had the best weapons every time, it would get pretty old being an infected player who could barely get 20 feet close to a human.


That is very true, it was just an idea though for everyone to have their OWN class instead of a randomized one.

Perhaps if everyone got a unique random loadout each round instead of a single loadout for everyone? Then again, this would give advantage to certain players… I personally think the current system is the best.

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Well i guess that makes more sense. There wouldn’t be players with an advantage ALWAYS using the best guns & stuff.

Everytime I played Virus, I realized how a good weapon set given to the survivors was a problem for the first infected. Most sets had atleast one super weapon/just overpowered weapon of each type. And if everybody had every single super weapon at the same time, the infected would just not stand a chance.

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Everything has been said. The Virus system is good as it is already