Piano sheet converter?

hi i wanted to play this in TU

tho i really am not a piano guy, im just wonderin if there are any piano sheet converters out there… please and thank you!

Some have tried to make one, not sure how it went , but I think having a converter to play something is quite silly.

Rather just hear it on YouTube then.

If people wish to show off their skills they should learn themselves to play it, or buy a keyboard and plug it to the pc to play it (not sure if it can be implemented)

I swear someone managed to make a MIDI to notes converter in java. It’s possible that it’s been deleted with the old forums. I would send you a download for it but I wiped my computer a few weeks ago and probably didn’t back it up. Good luck trying to find it, I know one exists or existed somewhere.

EDIT: I found a python convertor on github that seems to do exactly what the Java one did,
Here’s the github page: https://github.com/Stereo101/python-MidiToVirtualPianoMacro

It can only convert MIDI files and the notes output are formatted a little strange so you might have to clean it up yourself. As an added bonus it also autoplays stuff on http://www.virtualpiano.net (not the best sounding thing imo).

Lastly, here’s an album with what’s included in the download zip and instructions as well http://imgur.com/a/ilauM

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I actually had the MIDI to Piano converter from the forums lying around on my computer, so here it is:

Doesn’t have an autoplayer like the other one, but you can choose which tracks you want to convert (e.g. only selecting the piano portion), adjust formatting, and color-code notes based on duration.


thanks sinera!

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@JesusFreak aye, takes a bit o practice but ill try thanks man!