Piano Music

It would be nice to see a music sheet list like there was in tower for community approved songs also perhaps a way for the piano to teach you how to play, simalarly to guitar hero where you are given points for timing. This suggestion is a farfetched one so I doubt it would see the light of day in Tower but it is just a thought.:slight_smile:

We want to do a community approved music sheet website. We’re currently working on a all-in-one website for Tower Unite stuff (like inventory, player stats). It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to see a piano music sheet sharing system built into that.

As for the guitar hero like game, that’s probably not gonna happen with piano. But the arcade API will allow people to code games for their condos and share them on workshop, so maybe someone could make a rhythm game.


What I do is I just put a canvas stand on the piano and resize it with the music sheet I want. I doubt the devs will add music sheet items.