Physics-al Media improvements

I’ve just recently discovered the Physics-al media and its been a gamechanger, however, it would be a nice addition if there were variations within the item to change it from a VHS case to a DVD case, CD case, Blu Ray case and maybe even Cassette Tape case.

Having to edit the scaling of the case in game and manually editing the covers in photoshop to fit the VHS template proportions for a DVD size case is fairly tedious after the first 50 covers.

Another addition which would be nice would be adding playlists to the media case so that it loads a playlist rather than a singular video, it would be nice to be able to make all my game cases show the console splash screen and intro video before the menu screen as 3 different videos rather than myself having to manually record footage, stitch 3 videos together in adobe and uploading them one by one
to YouTube myself which is another fairly tedious endeavour

The physics-al media was originally DVD-case sized, but I think the size increase boiled down to a physics issue, since running into it would punt it across the map and it’d end up clipping through map geometry. Not sure if the size can be decreased without bringing those issues back.

Thankfully I’ve already suggested playlists for the media cases already.
It’s being looked into for implementation.

Hi, I wanted to ask how this feature was going? I have some albums I’d like in my condo that are only playlists on YT. Thanks