I came up with a idea which I think could be added.
As the title suggests, a phone which the player can use anywhere.
The phone would give the player access to:

  • Voice call/text other users online - Hey Niko want to go bowling? (@Mightyena)
  • Access Youtube/Soundcloud - Listen to the beats
  • Use the shop system from CondOS - Buy furniture etc which will arrive in storage
  • Take photos? (WIth filters?) - We all like a good selfie, right? #squadgoals
  • Open GPS/Map of the area they are in, and can find other parts easily - For the noobs cough
  • Check time in Tower Unite and real life - We all get hooked and loose track of time… or what underwear we are/aren’t wearing…
  • Change wallpaper of the phone, maybe notification sounds too? - Because we are so cool
  • Access CondOS settings - I am Iron Man.
  • Track players (On the GPS/map) - Have a blip of where they are

Anymore suggestions, post below!


Already been suggested.

Psst, we have a search function on these forums!

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Well… crap. But my thread is a bit more… well clear I guess? Also it is a bit different than his.

Yeah, you went further into detail and I appreciate that. Nothing wrong with being the second to have an idea if you improve upon it! :smile:


I’m going to send texts to my friends ingame everyday saying “Niko let’s go bowling”.
Fortunately for me, in the event they say “fine geez” there is an actual bowling alley.


Haha that made me laugh xD

Don’t you guys read the suggestion thread? We see twice the same idea on suggestion thread.
Don’t know if you can’t say Iron Man because of Marvel.If you mention iron man they going which hunt you. :hushed:

…@cold_finger has already been pointed out earlier…

Look guys I know its been said about before now, but my idea is actually different compared to the original. I could post on his, with my idea, but as they are different, I feel like mine is more described and therefore more suitable being here.

Aye, I do agree with that. It is, if anything, much more clearly presented and easy to understand. I was merely pointing out the irony of @Teamcanada’s statement. Indeed, I do believe that this suggestion belongs even though the similar suggestion exists.

I think it’d be a great idea! Plus it might help group voice chat be less congested with people bugging their friends (or cousin Niko) to go do stuff since they could just call/text their poor cousin.

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Success! (Kind of)

Due to popular request, we have got the phones idea to be uploaded to the Tower Unite team, however you have to vote for it. If you don’t, it probably won’t get added. Therefore, VOTE FOR IT!

Hey, you makin’ fun of mah thread?
jk lol
Yeah I like the ideas listed at the top, more detail,
and more clear than mine, I guess.