Pet Sharks

this is a suggestion i would REALLY want in this game and i mean REALLY REALLY REALLY want this idea… like proabably the amount you wanted tower unite to be fully donated and succeed :smiley: a pet shark like a “reef shark” “tiger shark” “great white shark” stuff like that… idk how you would be able to this very well
but if you can do that (or can not) i am also thinking maybe have a big fish tank with a shark in it that swims around (so i guess this is 2 suggestions and not 1 lol)

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I would love a giant ass aquarium sitting somewhere in my condo-mansion since I think I’ve heard we’ll have full reign over condo layout.

lol yeah maybe have something like from dispicable me

Lol, yeah.

I’d like to put a gigantic aquarium below my condo just for the shark, which can be seen because the condo bottom floor will be glass.

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but i really think having some small shark in a bubble of water following you would be cool (and when i say bubble of water i mean with like no glass or something
sorta like waterbending from avatar the last airbender : D
lol or this item could be a event item where it only comes out on shark week XD or at start of game we just get like 3 small pet sharks and then each shark week we get 1-2 more shark pets every few years or something : D (just an idea but i really like it)

They thought of something like that in the recent stream.

@Blaze027 They did do something like that in Webkinz. When you you had an aquatic animal in a non-aquatic area, they would be in a floating bubble of water.

Like in world of warcraft:

what happen if you pop that bubble?

It would be extremely painful.