Pet High Score

Highest score (Got bored so didnt go for 1 million)


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


This catsack has been pet so f*cking much, it now became a psychopath and is currently, as I’m writing this, hunting down one by one every player like you guys, who abused it.

R.I.P. EvKem and LennyS…

You can’t hide, the Miner Catsack will find you, and pet you until you die.


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I can hide, and I will hide forever! Mwuahahahah!
Im not in my condo dont look there I swear

Look by your window… you never know when the Miner Catsack will come

My unfinished condo is totally not open and nobody could connect at all wink

Don’t underestimate the power of the Miner Catsack… he might already be awaiting you to come out… … I’d suggest you stay in your condo forever…

that better be a fucking promise I swear to God

sorry I’m still in Tumblr mode tonight

Dam you’re motivated to be pet to death, aren’t you?

you know it

Sounds awesome

I’d be scared if I were you… :sob: