Personal poker table

The idea is simple, when the poker tables are released, make it possible to buy one for your own condo.

I would have posted it in the megathread, but there was a lot of discussion about it on the discord, so i thought this would be a more convenient way to do it.


No. If you want to play Poker, go to the Casino.

Only way I could see it being in the Condo is purely as decoration, without any functions.

I like this even if you could play at the tables in the condo having private games with your friends could be really fun
( depends on who’s winning really )

Plus if i want to get “rich” by playing poker i would go to the casino anyway not hope some strangers wanna join my condo let alone sit down for hours to play poker

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This is exactly my stance on this.
It would probably mostly function as a decoration, only ever really being useful if you have a few friends over. If i wanted to play poker, i’d still just go to the casino.

You could just take that one wooden table and grab a canvas and stick this on it, but first you should probably just make it transparent, because this is just something that i grabbed off of Google images.

And then take some more canvases and get stuff like cards and chips and lay them all over the table.

Now gimme a hand!


The Casino games will never be available in your Condo. However, we could make decorative items like just the poker table with none of the gameplay.

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Do it!

maybe 6 seat and 10 seat tables could be sold :slight_smile: