Persistent colour palettes and more colour options

Right clicking on a colourable object displays a section in the Edit panel for saving the current object’s RGB values, this is useful if you want to apply this specific colour again on something else. But one of my pet peeves when using this feature is accidentally clicking the Clear button and losing all saved colours to the digital void.

This feature could also use some fleshing out.

Saved colours should be persistent and should not need to be readded to the palette every time you load up your condo.

  • Left clicking on a coloured square in the palette lets us apply the selected colour to the object currently being modified.
  • Right clicking on a coloured square should pop open a context menu with further options. Such as an option to remove the specified colour from the palette.

Directly underneath the colour wheel and the RGB sliders should display a selection of additional hues generated based on the currently selected colour that follow basic colour theory. For example, you would be able to choose from the following:-

  • Complimentary hue
  • Inverted hue
  • Analogous hues
  • Split-Complementary hues
  • Triadic hues
  • Rectangle/Tetradic hues
  • Square hues

Here’s some basic colour theory principles: Basic color schemes: Color Theory Introduction