Perhaps remove the pool tables from the Arcade

As it is now, I never see anyone playing pool in the Nightclub, but I often can find a game going on in the Arcade. The Arcade is already very populated. I think the pool tables should be made exclusive to the night club, as it could help drive traffic and give people more reasons to go there. The Arcade pool room could be converted to an air hockey room and the air hockey tables in the 2d game room could be replaced with maybe more game cabinets to really enhance the 2d arcade vibe. Perhaps the Arcade pool table be a condo ticket reward for a very high price.

I also think the Shooting Gallery should have stayed on the boardwalk, to fit in with its carnival theme, but I think its too late for that. Maybe we can get some extra carnival minigames on the Boardwalk eventually.

Also, all the big plaza games like pool could popup in chat the same way the minigames do.

this would be awesome

Personally I like having the billiards be in both places. I don’t think having tables in the arcade is the reason why people aren’t going to the night club. I think there is just more to attract people to the arcade, the tables pay well in tickets which help people grind for arcade items. Right now the tables in the night club give out money and club XP, which is fine, but they haven’t finished implementing achievements and millstones yet. So for some people there is no reason to play unless you want to listen to music or make money/XP. They also plan on adding billiards to the casino where you can bet on each game. Once that update comes out, I’m sure you will see less people on arcade tables and more people in the casino. I have seen people playing in the nightclub, but it really depends on the server and time of day.

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