Perhaps an Option to Toggle Between Voice Activity and Push-to-Talk?

I am really unsure if this has been mentioned anywhere… But in my experience with the game, having to hold the push to talk button while doing another button related action puts strain on my hands and adds some difficulty in regards to other things like the one AFK pop up that usually appears during my time in the casino.

Perhaps this could be as a sub-option after voice chat is enabled; a drop down between having your mic activity automatically register or having the default push-to-talk. Along with that, a similar sub-option in regards to the game worlds to decide whether it defaults to push-to-talk or voice activity; mainly for game world related reasons like not distracting others from focus or, if it’s a player vs player game (team based or not), not letting opponents hear you.

That said, if a person does have voice activity enabled, they should be able to mute themselves with the same key input normally used for push-to-talk.

It’ll definitely save my fingers if this is implemented. I wanna be able to talk to others while I do something like the arcade games without having to juggle with my hands and fingers between keys.

I think a much simpler version of this would be to just add a toggle function instead of pressing it down, would save some effort vs having a drop down menu which might have the potential to bug out HUD elements.


Oh, I didn’t mean like, while playing as an extra menu on screen, I meant like in the settings window when you’re either in the main menu or have the esc-press menu open.

Unless I missed something in terms of what you meant?

You pretty much got what I said. I think a toggle option on the push to talk button might still be better since you wouldn’t have to pause or anything, which I could see helping in some situations.

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