Performance issues

So i manage to play TU at quite a decent framerate, there’s only one issue:
over time, my fan makes noise and that noise becomes louder and louder, until my game crashes, one time it crashed and ue4 sent me an error message saying that my game crashed, the other time i think my pc forcequitted the game so my pc wouldn’t like blow up or something

…and i was playing at pretty low settings
now this happened to me in the past with older weeklies, but then my settings were extremely high, how did the game change like this in only one weekly?

yes, i updated all my drivers, dusted off my pc, cleaned my pc but all it did was raise fps, my poor fan…

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Tower Unite is in a constant state of development. You will have builds where it runs good, and builds where it doesn’t. Like the previous couple weeklies, where the lighting hasn’t been built.

When Tower Unite is released, it will be optimized. There are currently no optimizations in the game that I know of.

When lighting isn’t build, that means super low fps.

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the fps is fine, i’m just wondering what could be the origin of my computer becoming so hot

It having to work harder to achieve that FPS. I know nothing about your computer to be able to give you an answer.


I’m going to guess that you don’t have a dedicated graphics card, and that you are running off the Intel Chip, in which case, if your running off Intel Graphics.

I wouldn’t expect much from a Intel Graphics solution to be honest with you.

AMD Radeon R9 380 series, aka msi gaming edition, not sure if this is a dedicated graphics card

also does directX 10 mode change anything or is it just a different way to run the game

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DX10 mode is a less intensive way to run the game. Also, I have the same exact card. The game does make it run a bit hot, but that could be said for all AMD type cards.

This type of card shouldn’t really have any issue running the game. Again, the last couple weeklies have been super un-optimized, with lightning not being built at all.

i turned down the resolution, i didn’t crash anymore after that (altough my game does look much uglier now, but i’ll have to live with that)

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Could also be your Processor as Tower Unite lately has been very CPU bound, not really GPU bound, is your CPU’s cooler enough to handle this? or your CPU itself even?

honestly i do not know, i do know that its all because of my resolution, i can play the game fine now, even with all the other settings on turbo, i’m happy with that and if it stays like this, i’m satisfied.