Payouts Increased! Patch

We’ve been very busy working on Living Lobby and started production on our next Game World, Zombie Massacre. You can read all about that here: The Road Ahead: July 2017

But, while that’s going on, we wanted to get a nice big patch out for everyone.

The biggest change to this update are the increased payouts in Game Worlds and Lobby Games!

Major Changes

  • New Plaza server browser. Now displays all Plaza servers by region and will display all official servers always
  • Improved joining servers from Steam friends
  • Adjusted Game World payouts: 80% average increase
  • Adjusted Plaza games payouts: 60% average increase
  • Payout Added: Bowling - 4th Place and Below
  • Payout Added: Trivia - 4th Place and Below
  • Payout Added: Trivia - All Questions Correct
  • Payout Added: Typing Derby - 4th Place and Below
  • Payout Added: Typing Derby - Perfect (100 word combo)
  • Payout Added: Virus - 4th Place and Below
  • Payout Added: Ball Race - 4th Place and Below
  • Payout Adjusted: Virus - Biohazard minimum players required reduced to 2 from 3
  • Payout Adjusted: Ball Race - Collected Melons max increased from 20 to 40


  • Added the ability to walk with in Lobby (you’ll have to bind this to a key, we suggest ALT)
  • Updated friend list UI. Replaced the drop down context with an easier dropdown
  • Added a joining UI message when joining servers from Steam

Lobby Changes

  • Added Steam friends section to the Lobby/Condo scoreboard
  • Store UI was updated slightly. Stores that do not have preview pedestals will appear in the center of the screen
  • Laser Tag: Added better hit feedback and tagged out feedback to crosshair
  • Laser Tag: Improved HUD and eliminated HUD events
  • Flashlight is now disabled while in the Casino

Condo Changes

  • Condo physics items now collide with players (you can kick things around)
  • Condos now ask before overwriting an existing snapshot
  • Condo canvas surfaces (walls, ceilings, etc.) no longer have a canvas bump map applied to them and are clean and are now simply the URL image
  • Potato Gun projectile potatoes now collide with Basketballs and other Condo physics items
  • Potato Gun projectile potatoes now properly bounce on Trampolines
  • Potato Gun projectile potatoes don’t remove as often while in the air
  • Trampoline is now colorable
  • Flying Turtle is no longer visible in first person
  • Vault Door now has sounds
  • Adjusted Grey Carpet texture for Condos to use new tiling carpet texture because we totally didn’t lose the old one or anything
  • Players (who are not the host) can now move their own spawned items in the Item Playground
  • Placeable inventory tab no longer shows up while in Item Playground (because you can’t place those items down anyways)

Ball Race Changes

  • Khromidro: Extended the time on Level 4 from 70 seconds to 90 seconds

Virus Changes

  • Virus: Added better hit feedback to crosshair

Minigolf Changes

  • Sweet Tooth: Players should no longer get stuck on the blue wall that moves up and down on holes 18, 6, and 9
  • Sweet Tooth: Reduced the light-map data on Sweet Tooth, which will take up less hard drive space and slightly increase load times and performance.

Bug Fixes

  • Ball Race - Khromidro: Fixed kill volumes sometimes not activating when falling off the level
  • Minigolf - Sweet Tooth: Reduced the chances of being flung out of the spiral turn in hole 16
  • Minigolf - Sweet Tooth: Fixed an issue where players can get stuck next to the booster pad in hole 16
  • Minigolf - Sweet Tooth: Fixed an issue where players could land on the candy lily-pads and get stuck
  • Minigolf - Sweet Tooth: Fixed an issue where players would sometimes get stuck floating above the final hole in hole 18
  • Minigolf - Sweet Tooth: Reduced the chances of phasing through the giant mixer in hole 15
  • Minigolf - Alpine: Fixed moving walls disappearing on low draw distance settings on Hole 15
  • Minigolf - Altitude: Hole 18 is now a lot more predictable, which should mean less players randomly falling off the level
  • Virus - Subway: Fixed camping spot near the rear stairs
  • Little Crusaders - Amphitheatre & Market: Fixed some camping spots reported by players
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed a bug where the hit notifications (like the ones used in Laser Tag and Virus) would play while in Little Crusaders
  • Laser Tag: Fixed scoreboard not displaying
  • Condo - Suite: Fixed sunlight leaking through walls
  • Condo - Condo: Improved light attenuation radii
  • You can no longer click on your own profile on the scoreboard or chat
  • Fixed a bug where flying pets (Flying Turtle) would not always appear
  • Fixed Firework UFO not taking off well
  • Fixed small collision issues with Victorian Couch Chair, Toy Train, and Race Car Bed
  • Fixed “Trash” showing up twice on inventory tooltips for items in the trash state
  • Fixed Golden Watch item not making crabs fully golden
  • Fixed a bug where you could sell items that were in the trash state
  • Fixed a bug with the Item Playground editor closing wrongly after setting the filter


You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can follow our daily logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.



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Any insight as to when (some loose, rough, estimate) we could expect that Zombie Massacre?

Oh boii. Time to see how this turns out, kinda excited TBH

when it’s done™

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Woo, bonus levels rejoice!

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These payout chances are good, don’t lower them!

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Thank you so much! This is a much needed change that will impact on the future of Tower Unite!


  • More players online doing things!
  • Better condos, as people can afford more furniture and higher end condos.
  • Less people in the casino mindlessly grinding the slot machines.
  • More active players in mini-games and lobby games.

This will also have a positive impact on future Tower Unite updates such as:

  • Condo Parties (Stock up on all the booze and pizza easily with better payouts!)
  • Plaza events (More players will more inclined to have better outfits and purchase consumables, such as fireworks)

This is what you get from a perfect solo bowling game

7200 + (800*12) = 16800

Ain’t that nice?

If only I didn’t suck at bowling lol

I genuinely dont understand how people can get strikes every single time. I try to mimic the same motions that I’ve gotten strikes with but I often end up with a single pin that didnt fall. Any tips would be appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:

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Finally! I thought this day would never come! Payouts are finally deliciously good! :slight_smile:

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Whoops, small mistake, it’s not 80012 instead it is 80010

I thought you get paid for each strike on the last frame, but it’s only for the last strike.

7200 + (800*10) = 15200 Is the correct one.

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