Payout not received after betting max amount (100k) on underdog horse in Casino horse races

I had placed a 100k bet on an underdog horse which had won 1st place, and the machine said I had won 1.1 million credits. I have received two achievements for betting on an underdog horse that wins, but I have not received any payout.

Steps to Reproduce

(might be worth checking on new account that does not have the ‘Underdog Sweep’ and ‘Award Winning Sweep’ achievement)

  1. Enter Casino
  2. Enter Horse Race
  3. Bet max bet (100k) on low odds horse
  4. Debug may be needed, but have the horse betted on win the race
  5. Observe the result

What I expected to happen

1.1 million credits, as told by the system, will have been inserted into my account

What happened

No payout was granted, and I am left with the same amount I’ve had beforehand

Notes / Media

I am uncertain if there is any way within my power to prove that my credits shown in the screenshot was the amount I’ve had before the win, but if there is, please let me know and I will provide the necessary information.

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