Pause Video Vote

A way to pause videos so a friend can do something real quick and then continue.

Here’s a TF2 mock up lol


Also, would just like the ability to pause.

You can pause media players in your condos, just not in the theater.

I’m aware of that, but we’re not talking about private media players if we’re talking about voting.

If you had the ability to pause without a vote it would be easily abused, which is why I thought you were referring to condo media players.

Why would I be referring to condo media players in a thread about voting? I assume the devs will put some thought into it that there can be some ability to pause it when you’re not in the condo. Whether it’s because you’re by yourself at 3AM listening to the arcade machine; or that a pause automatically expires after X number of minutes; or that a vote skip should be able to be initiated regardless of a pause… I’m assuming (but, maybe, shame on me for doing that) they’re not just going to put in a pause button. There is no working pause button now–there is no option to do that outside of the condo just like there is no option to vote skip inside of a condo. Even if they do, it would be nice to have a pause ability–period. Adding media to the public spaces is already heavily abused but that isn’t taken away. Voting to skip in public spaces is already heavily abused but that doesn’t change the conversation. The players of this game are daily proof that if you put anything up–regardless of intent–someone is going to take the opportunity to try and break it, abuse it, and/or exploit it. There is not going to be a perfect solution and there is absolutely no solution that the devs can make that cannot be exploited or abused.

I personally can’t see the point in pausing a public media player. They’re meant to stream content to various people, if you want full control over media it would make more sense to just use YouTube directly.

(also context for my original reply: your reply in response to the original post seemed to me that you wanted the ability to pause media players aside from the voting system OP wants in place, which led me to assume that you were speaking on media players in general)

I agree that this could probably be abused, and I think a pause that has an expiration time would be nice, similar to how CS:GO handles “Tactical Timeouts” where, when the vote passes, the match (video in this case) would be paused for 30 seconds. Maybe a bit longer than 30 seconds, like a minute or two so someone has time to run to grab a snack or use the restroom. And maybe this could only be called every ten minutes or so as to not have people call a bunch of timeouts on short videos, dragging out the queue way longer than it should be.

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Maybe after a pause a “hurry it up” button/vote would stay on the TV. If enough players press it (“enough” being a percentage of visitors that have turned that TV on to watch) it would unpause, but it shouldn’t happen for admin-enforced pauses.

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Do you not hang out with a group in TU? Or is all of your stuff strictly condo? I don’t “rove” too often but I see small groups that crop up among not-friends (yet), especially in Arcade and Project 12. It would be really nice when a tagalong enters not to have to watch the entire video again because someone missed something. Because, as @Melonplex said, playas gotta eat and excrete.

I agree. Although, I still hate that someone can have the TV on and be nowhere near it and still have to be overridden–like the TV in the Arcade. You can play music for everywhere in the plaza (even overriding Bowling) from the Arcade but without abusing the vote-skip option, there’s nothing you can do but grit your teeth and bear it if they’re out doing whatever and you don’t want to listen to whatever is on there. Even if it is an hour of screaming.