Particle effects

Aside from the vip glow, beauty cone and virus flame there are no options for particle effects in gmtower. I think there should be a shop specifically for particle effect or if anything give the wandering merchant a rotating inventory of particle effects so that they feel more special then simple customisable items. You could also take the tf2 approach and integrate particle effects into rare or special editions of wearables.

  1. You could have also posted that on the GMTower forums?
  2. A particle effect store was already in the works, there is a trello card about one.

Of course, development of GMT has stopped so that Unite will have top priority.
So, don’t expect a particle shop in GMT.
Rather, anticipate it for Tower Unite. I think.
I remember one of the devs showed off particle effects during a stream once.

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Yeah I probably should have been more clear that I meant this as suggestion for TU

##Dude, we’re gonna have SO MANY particle effects!

making particle effects in Unreal is so much fun


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