Parkour minigame

I’m suggesting a minigame that would contain objects that you should to hope over them to the finish. Like they could randomly generate and you should complete it to the end.

I’d like this, but only if we got a movement overhaul. Parkour is sometime difficult with the almost slippery/oversensitive movement controls in TU.

What do you mean by this? After a jump you stop within like 7-10 frames of landing (at 60 fps), which I feel like is pretty good considering how much speed you can get in this game.

I find that on, at least small objects, if I tap in any direction key, I go just slightly too far and go flying off. I think a more accurate explanation than slippery is maybe that you gain maximum momentum too quickly?

Or maybe I’m just bad at parkour lol.

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I find that ball race has many parkour type elements already, especially on harder maps. A game mode similar to what is in Catherine may be nice though. Compete against other players climbing up blocks, as they change into other elements (fire, slow) or fall away. A mix of fall guys and Catherine. Upgrades could be shoes that allow you to jump past 2 blocks at once for a few seconds??

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