Pao'Enterprise Condo Showcase [Default Condo one]


Hello today I gonna show you my condo building
Default condo map


Main Condo Floor

Spare Room [co-working space]

Master Bedroom


Department Store Part

2nd Fl. like Coffee and Instrumental Shop

3rd Fl. like Fast Food

4th Fl. Cinema

Inside is Cinema Theater

5th Fl. Hotel Lobby

6th - 8th Fl. is Deluxe Room

9th Fl. like Suite or Highrise Penhouse

11th Fl. is Hotel Restaurant

12th Fl. is Rooftop Bar
You can enjoy some drink here :smiley:

and outside condo is my Boeing 787-800 (Workshop) ranway :smiley::smiley:

Here some video of my condo

Edit Note … fix restaurant footage not showed up in video


im impressed that you decided to change the general look of the spare room, in most of the other condos i have seen they just seem to put 3-4 furniture pieces into it and decide that’s enough.


NICE, i love it


I saw this before! i thought it was just a normal condo, but nope! it’s pretty good!


Wow, you really went all out with this. It looks great!


i love the penthouse and deluxe room, looking really cozy