Panic at Horror Hill ideas

I was thinking that maybe the ghosts should be able to throw things like plates, books, etc. Maybe also be able to possess things like Knight Armor and Mannequins to chase around the living. Also the living should have goals such as collecting a certain number of items, lasting a certain period of time, etc. Living should also have a spook meter. when the spook meter gets too high, the living are vulnerable to attacks from the ghosts and eventually die of heart attacks. The spook meter can be lowered by doing things like eating, playing with items (like old toys), or being around certain objects like flowers.


Sounds like Don’t Starve mechanics.

For Horror Hill I’m taking inspiration from:


I never knew this! That sounds sick. Certainly something hard to do in Source.

I’m so hyped for this game world. I know the devs will make it excellent with their ideas! :wink:

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I hope it does have some ‘horror’ elements, and not a Luigi’s Mansion. Don’t get me wrong, Luigi’s Mansion was a fun game, but it just didn’t feel scary.

I hope this game pulls off suspense and horror well. I want to be scared to go down that one dark hallway.


Alone! Never go alone!

Although there are elements I do like from Luigi’s Mansion (Being able to attack ghosts with the flashlight).

I want to go for a deep amount of suspense and horror for Panic at Horror Hill. The one thing that I know is great is the multiplayer aspect. People are way better at tricking and scaring other people than AI would ever be.

With the right setup, sounds, and lighting we can definitely get the atmosphere nailed down.

I’ve been doing a bit of research on making proper horror games and testing with a pet school project of mine.

It’s made in Source and while I still don’t think it’s entirely scary just yet - I am learning the proper ways to handle immersion, horror, and suspense.

In the project, I wasn’t allowed to use blood or anything.

It was a solo project that I spent 2 weeks on.

If our entire team was working on this, I have no doubt in my mind we could totally make a really good horror multiplayer game for sure.


From what I saw in the video, it was suspenseful, but not really scary. I’m sure you guys got some tricks up your sleeves.

I had 2 weeks to make that plus I had to keep it without blood and overly crazy monsters. I couldn’t even have a ghost walk by and suicide because it was too intense for the school project.

No boundaries or limits.
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@macdguy, if you have the time, watch some Outlast gameplay. I know it’s not ghosts, but how they perform the horror is fabulous. I’m sure one of the main things for a horror game would have to be music. But yeah, if you watch some Outlast you can see how they pulled it off REALLY well.

I won’t tell you how to do your school project, but please do add the word spook a lot in PAHH. Also skeletons. We need skeletons.

I’ve played outlast. I literally have played every horror game, watched all horror movies, and I go to Halloween Horror Nights every year. I love the horror genre.

My favorite horror games are Silent Hill 2 and Fatal Frame 2.


I am a hobbyist developer, and been working on a multiplayer horror indie game with a nice paradox story. So far character animation, some puzzles and a paradox story is needed for completion.

Anyway, what I have so far is a unique scene with a huge modular mansion interior that has anti gravity to show levitating moving furniture in thin air. 2 exact scenes with one being normal organized mansion and another with scattered ruins and anti gravity. My plan is to switch these 2 scenes at instant for some freaky effects to compliment story, you know like those instant flashbacks in movies and tv shows. My plan is to adapt outlast idea of defence only character, with no ability to attack, just defense and escape. Also I have a tv in a room that works and shows some classic 1950’s horror show. I have made it so that I can control whats shown on tv via googledrive. I can change its videos etc. I have used surround 3d ambiance for better immersion. For AAA quality it’s being made on Unity5 with hd graphics.

I firstly plan to make it a single player game, but I do have experience with multiplayer, as half of my past games are multiplayer. I plan to innovate from the original korean horror game with my own touch. All the modern horror games are based on that 1 korean horror game that came out in 2000.

Anyway, I hope I inspired you ppl a bit.

Edit:Have a look at Offtopic post "[Showcase] Two indie games I have…" To check about the horror game I mentioned here. It will update with more pics and links to my completed games later.

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@MacDGuy Will there be (tons of) Jump-scares and such? I’m not trying to make any requests, but will there be an option to turn off some things, such as stuff that makes you jump out of your seat? I get scared easily and such, but still want to play this awesome work of art. Like I was saying, I’m not trying to make a personal, dramatic request, just asking so I know what to expect. :wink:

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Well, considering that it is, in fact, a horror game, it does need to have jumpscares and stuff implemented into it to give it that horror feel. Without the jumpscares it would result in a dumbed down version of horror, which wouldn’t be very fun at all.

The toggle feature probably couldn’t work, either, as jumpscare scenes take a small time increment, which even though it’s small, it can add up. Turning off a feature would then make someone further ahead by a couple seconds than those running through the jumpscare cutscene.
(I hope that made sense.)

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I say set 13 grudge girls loose from the famous Wii game “Ju On the Grudge” in the manor. Thats one game I could never play, that fuc** child is scary yo, m 27.