"Overtime" when 2 players (or more) tie

Not sure if it’s a bug or if this by design but when 2 players tie (only tested on 1v1) it seems to just randomly select a winner, even if players have equal kills.

Well what if when all the players that tied with kills, it would send the players directly into an extra round where it’s a sudden deathmatch. It could be InstaGiB or something similar except only 1 kill is needed, and whoever out of the pool of players that tied got a kill first wins. And there could be extra parameters such as, smaller map size, 1 health, etc. just so it doesn’t drag on forever, but still reaches a fair result. Players that didn’t tie could be spectators or something just so they’re not waiting in a queue.

Just a thought, I’m loving SDNL so far, this is just something extra I thought of. Great job Pixeltail! :+1:

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