Orville Condo

Recreated the crew quarters from the show Orville.
Check it out!



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Rad. This is what I imagine a space condo would look like if we ever get one.

Though this is created inside my main Biscuit Lobby build, I will be releasing a standalone version of the Space Condo save data in the next week or so along with inventory requirements.

Everyone can have a Space Condo as long as you meet the inventory requirements!

I didn’t even know condo save data can be shared.

I honestly thought the save data was serverside rather than clientside

I mean, you host your condo, and community condo servers aren’t out yet… What server?

It is saved client side first and then backed up to the steam cloud.

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Sharing like this totally works and actually surprised no one has done it yet :slight_smile:

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Ah I see! It’s a very smart idea to share like that! Seems very simple, might try it one day

We will have workshop maps at somepoint that take away the need to have the actual inventory items owned yourself.

Not quite sure yet on how much this map will cost material wise overall yet though.

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Yeah, true! I hope all of the suggestions in the condo megathread gets made at one point or another. There are some amazing ideas in there!

Nicely designed, I really like the panels, the glass trim, and the beams.
I would certainly like to be able to create condo maps in the future.