Options to do actions quicker/easier

#For example…
· Press Q to toggle inventory UI
· Hold Q to show inventory

#I could see this kinda option with other different menus, like the player list or pause menu.

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The only reason why they made it toggle, is because the search menu was hard to type in with it held down. But yes, I would like to see an option for this.

You won’t see an option for the Inventory menu.

It’s either Q to toggle or no searching.

There’s not too many ways around this issue. If you have them hold Q and they click on search, it will input ‘qqqqqq’ in the search bar. Even having it so the system knows you clicked into the search bar and removes the need to hold Q to keep the menu up, you’ll still be inputing ‘qqqq’ as the user still has their finger on the Q key. On top of that the user has to press Q again to close it, because we can’t have them hold Q AND type into the search bar.


In GMT, didn’t you guys make it so that if someone clicked on a text box in the inventory, the inventory would lock anwyay? That way you didn’t have to hold down Q. It’s not much struggle deleting the Q’s you typed in anyways. It’s just a minor inconvenience. I’m not really fond of the toggle mode, because it’ll become a pain when you want to place items down.


Guess you could always make it a toggle in the options. The toggle toggle.

How about adding a 3 second timer to lock the inventory menu? The text field should not already be selected by default. This way, you can hold down the Q menu for up to 3 seconds to have a quick exit, or hold it down longer to keep the menu locked open until Q is used to toggle it off again. Those who need to use the menu longer can do so with ease, and the same for those who don’t.

Since the cursor is not in the text field until searching, people won’t enter ‘qqqqqq’ because they will wait 3 seconds until they are cued that the menu is locked, allowing them to then release Q and click on and enter text into the search box and carry on as normal, while still allowing those who only need the menu open for less than 3 seconds to edit objects quickly.

I thought that the search bar would be disabled if you picked the option to just hold Q.
I mean, you choose the option to do it quicker.

What I could do is have Q be hold and then you click on the search/filter area (with the search input hidden) and it locks it on then shows the search input. THEN you can type into the search. The issue with that approach is you would have to press Q again to close it. The other issue as well is that you have to remember to lift off Q after you put it in locked state.

I guess what probably should happen is maybe move search somewhere else? Maybe search should be on a separate button that opens a modal window in the direct center of the screen and would let you reorganize your stuff through that.

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I thought this already happened in source? If you play Sandbox on GMod, typing into the search bar will do just this. It seemed like a good solution to me and I never really “forgot” not to press Q to close it.

That was what I was going to say first. Gmod style would be the best I believe.

I’m mostly fine with the way the inventory manager works right now.
The thing I’d change is allowing the player to close the manager with another key than Q, such as ESC or TAB.
Maybe even add a button that the player can click on that says [CLOSE].